Introduction and History of Lacrosse by US Lacrosse

A great video "This is Lacrosse"

The oldest and fastest growing sport in our nation is captivating youth across our country. Find out more in the video and sumation of the history by the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse, US Lacrosse.



Wikipedia info about Lacrosse:

Lacrosse has its origins in a tribal game played by all eastern Woodlands Native Americans and by some Plains indians tribes in what is now Canada. The game was extensively modified by European immigrants to North America to create its current collegiate and professional form.


Excellent Video of the History of Lacrosse
History Info by Federation of International Lacrosse

What began as stickball, a native American Indian contest played by tribal warriors for training, recreation and religious reasons, has developed over the years into the interscholastic, professional and international sport of lacrosse.


Brief Video: History of Lacrosse